1 NOVEMBER 1930, Page 38

Financial Notes


GENERAL business on the Stock Exchange has tended to increase during the last week or ten days. The mere fact that the last Stock Exchange settlement with its heavy decline in prices should have been surmounted without the disclosure of any difficulties was in itself a factor tending to inspire con- fidence with regard to the general technical condition of markets. As a consequence, prices in most departments have rallied, a notable feature being the jump in Brazilian stocks, the market for the moment at all events interpreting the coop (Vital at Rio as intimating an early termination of the revola. tionary movement. Whether that view of the situation will prove to be correct, time must show, but in view of the severity of the previous slump, it is scarcely surprising, perhaps, that the mere hope of tranquillity being restored should have occasioned a rally in prices. In Home stocks, too, there has been a little improvement in English Railways, and Textile shares have been better on some faint signs of improvement in the Cotton industry in Lancashire.

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