1 NOVEMBER 1963, Page 13

SIR,—It is not often that the Spectator falls down on

a question ..of fact, but the article on Lord Robbins by John Vaizey contains such a glaring inaccuracy that I hope you will see your way to having a clear correction made in your next issue. In describing the education of Lord Robbins it states: 'Despite his noble mien and his coronet, he remains at heart a product of. Ealing Grammar School.'

Where John Vaizey culled this gem I cannot imagine. Lionel Robbins was educated at this school from April, 1909, until July, 1915. He pro- ceeded to University College, with some interruption due to the war, but at no time was he at Ealing Grammar School. His affection for and interest in his old school has been marked, and in 1959 he was the guest of honour at Speech Day and delighted the audience with reminiscences of his own school- days here.

You will appreciate that we do not exactly approve of having our most illustrious old boy assigned to another school.

C. 0. VERNON Headmaster

Southall Grammar School. Southall, Middlesex