1 NOVEMBER 1963, Page 8

Passing the Buck

What has happened to Lord Hailsharifs White- Paper on the North-East? What indeed has happened to Lord Hailsham's post of special responsibility? Has it passed to Mr. Heath as part of his overlordship of regional development? Lord HaiLsham's office suggested to an inquirer that he should contact the Board of Trade for, clarification. The Board of Trade suggested that he should contact Lord HaiIsham's office. No one seemed to know. is the North-East again without a Governor, or are those two Ministers keeping an eye on it together on the 'two consuls' principle? It was Lord Hailsham who wrote the introduction to the Financial Times's supplement on Monday, but it is Mr. Heath who is at the moment making a special tour of the area. Per- haps to redraft the White Paper?