1 OCTOBER 1948, Page 16

COMPENSATION DELAYS wonder whether this is a subject which may

interest you and your readers ? An old lady, now 84, was a preference shareholder in a family concern by which she secured a small but sufficient income. In 1941 the factory in London was completely destroyed by enemy action, and from that date her income ceased. The governmental liability was agreed upon, and the amount was such that her claim would be satisfied in full at such time as the claim was paid. However, despite every action of the solicitors to the company and of Members of Parliament approached by her, she has as yet received not a penny piece. The Treasury simply will not pay up. As she says, at 84 she cannot expect many years of life and she would dearly love to have a little relaxation from the penury in which she has lived since 1941.

For my part I cannot see that the Treasury's action has even the re- motest connection with ordinary business methods and honesty. Can one imagine an insurance company withholding a perfectly genuine— admittedly genuine—claim for nearly eight years ?—I am, Sir, your