1 OCTOBER 1948, Page 18

MR. BEVAN AND HIS CRITICS SIR,—I have read with much

interest, tempered by more than a little scepticism, the character study of Mr. Bevan in The Spectator of Septem- ber 24th. One gets somewhat fatigued with a verbal tour de force like this, obviously written by an admirer of the subject, and lacking that intention to depict the character " warts and all," to be found in such sketches which make a convincing appeal to the reader.

One sentence in the article catches the eye, " The phrases are still there but he now makes sure he has the facts to support them." Then I turn to the notes by Janus, who brings up the challenge thrown out repeatedly by Captain Ernest Marples, M.P., to Mr. Bevan in the matter of the accuracy of a statement by the Ministry of Housing. One would have thought that a courageous and prominent Minister would have responded to the forceful challenge, so often repeated, and used a naughty word about the consequences. But, no.

What is the public to think? They know what to think.—Yours