1 OCTOBER 1948, Page 18

THE HUNT AND THE TRAP SIR,—I would point out to

Sir W. Beach Thomas that when in 1931 a Bill was introduced to make steel traps illegal it was defeated largely by the efforts of the British Field Sports Society. If poison and traps are used to destroy foxes, I suggest that the foxhunters must take the blame for this because they have deliberately preserved foxes even to building artificial earths for foxes to breed in. The farmer cannot be blamed for resorting to getting rid by any method of the foxes which are thrust upon him and which interfere. with his livelihood. To suggest that this Society's Bill for the abolition of hunting condones cruelty is most unfair. Since the Bill will make foxhunting illegal there will be no need to preserve foxes and so the number of foxes will automatically drop. This Society urges the killing of foxes by expert shots and the use of gas. We condemn the use of traps and poison.—Yours faithfully, E. G. 13/ulLow, Secretary. The National Society for Abolition of Cruel Sports, g St. Fames Road, Harpenden, Herts.