1 OCTOBER 1948, Page 4

It is good sometimes for proud spirits to be broken,

and The Spectator, no doubt, is apt to get above itself now and then. But chastening may come from unsuspected quarters. A department of this journal being in process of engaging a shorthand-typist had, in the ordinary routine, to get the arrangement approved by the relevant Employment Exchange. It was not approved. It was in fact turned down with a bang—because ? Because The Spectator was a racing paper, and employment on it could not be considered to be anything but parasitic. Telephonic expostulation was followed by telephonic cross-examination. Did The Spectator not deal with horse-racing ? No. Nor with dog-racing ? No. Nor with football-pools ? No. Well, was it like The Field (whether for good or ill was not clear) ? However, the lady is, in fact, now installed.

* * * *