20 APRIL 1850, Page 10


Monday, April 22. Australian Colonies Government Bill: Committee. Many amend- ments, &c.

Stamp Duties BM: Committee.

Parliamentary Voters, 8r.c. (Ireland) Bill : Amended.

Metropolitan Interments Bill: Second reading. Ecclesiastical Commission Bill: Second reading. Chief Justices' Salaries Bill: Amended.

Other Bills to be advanced a stage.

Tuesday. April 28. Universities Of Oxford, Cambridge, and Dublin: Motion for

inquiry—Mr. Heywood. Punishment of Death : Bill to abolish—Mr. Ewart.

Diplomatic and Consular Service: To call attention to the more economical sae

efficient discharge of duty—Mr. Disraeli.

Civil Actions : Select Committee to inquire into Pleading and Practice in 'Civil

Actions in the Superior Courts—Mr. Cockburn.

National Representation: Payment of a Direct Tax to confer a Vote—SirDe

Lacy Evans.

Ionian Islands : Commission to inquire into the late Riots—Mr. Hume.

Poisons: Select Committee to inquire if any restrictions should be imposed on the sale—Mr. Stanford.

Wednesday, April 24. Juvenile Offenders Bill: Second reading.

Vestries and Vestry Clerks Bill : Second reading.

Affirmation Bill : Committee.

Highways Bill: Committee. Thursday, April 25. Securities for Advances (Ireland) Bill : Second reading.

Fees (Court of Common Pleas) Bill : Committee. Friendly Societies : Bill to amend—Mr. Sotheron. Friday, April 26. Distressed Unions Advances and Repayment of Advances (Ire- land) Bill : Committee. -Amendment, to go into Committee that day six

months—Colonel sitthorp.

Public Health (Scotland) Bill : Committee. Police and Improvement (Scotland) Bill: Committee. Merchant Seamen's Fund Bill : Second reading. Mercantile Marine (No. 2) BM: Second reading.