20 APRIL 1850, Page 10

The Daily Hews had a suggestive paragraph yesterday ' to the

effect that "on a certain day in the present week " Sir Rebut Peel had "a lengthened interview of many hours with her Majesty, Prince Albert being present " ; and that Sir Robert "called at Apsley House after having quitted Buck- ingham Palace." The "organs" of last !light and this morning which might be supposed to know most, make no sign.

Last night's Gazette notifies two ecclesiastical appointments—the Reverend Lord Wnothesley. Russell (Canon of Windsor) to be one of the Deputy Clerks of her Itfajesty's Closet, in the room of the late Dean of Hereford ; and the Reverend Henry parr Hamilton (Incumbent of Wath, near Ripon) to be Dean of Salisbury, in the room of the late Dean Lear.

The Deanery of Bristol is vacated by the death, yesterday, of Dr. John Lamb, Master of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Dr. Lamb was the author of an historical work on the Thirty-nine Articles, and of works on antiquarian subjects, including one on hieroglyphics.

The Government Arctic Expedition is expected to leave Woolwich for Greenhithe, on the way to the North, on Tuesday next.

A storm of unparalleled force in these latitudes raged over Dublin and the country Northwards on Thursday. The day was genial and spring- like, till shortly after noon ; the mercury in the barometer then made a preternatural descent : at three o'clock the sky was portentously dark, and presently afterwards what seems like a typhoon, or black-squall, burst over the city. Terrible damage was done : trees were torn up and borne away from their sites, light buildings were scattered to fragments, and many persons were mutilated by falling bodies. Hailstones larger than marbles were rained down with such force that 30,000/. worth of "glass alone" was

pulverized ; not a window on one side of whole streets has a whole pane of glass left ; and the roofs of houses were- much injured. The oropi haee of course suffered to a great extent.