20 APRIL 1850, Page 19


On the lith .A.Treil„.at the residence of her father, R. Murphy, Esq., Merlon Square, Dublin, the Wife of John Purches, Esq., M.A., of Christ's College, Cambridge, of a Sen.

On the 13th, at the Vicarage, Coln St. Aldwyns, Gloucestershire, the Wife of the Rev. Charles Gore Gambier, of a daughter, still-born.

On,the 13th, in Montagu Square, the Viscountess Hood, Wife of George Hall, Esq., of a daughter.

On the 14th, at Kinwartrm Rectory, the Wife of the Rev. R. Seymour, of a daughter. On the 14th; at the Rectory, WInterbourne Bassett, Wiltahare, the wife of the Bev; W. F. Harrison; of a-son.

On the 13th; in Belgrave Square, the Viscountess Downe, °fa son. On the 15th, at Burgett House, Hants, the .wife of John Brymer, Esq, sole MARRIAGHS

On the 7th Febrimuy, atthe,Cathedrel, SpanislaTown, jimaice, the Rev. Memel'. A-Ast.„ eldest-soma the yen. Archdeacon Robinson, D.D., Master of the _ Temple, to Frances Elisabeth, daughter of the late William.Froser Clement, Esq. On the 9thApril, atAnton's Rillberwickshuv. Charles Samuel Grey, Esq., second soma. the late Hon. Sir George Grey„Bart.,,to Margaret Dysart, youngest daughter of the late General Sir Martin Hunter, G.C.M.G., G.C.H. On the 10th, at St. Mary's, Xhelteabain,. Benjamin Huntsman, Esq.,. of West Retford Hall, Notts, to Anna Maria, eldest daughter of. Lieutenant-Colonel. Fite Maurice, RM., Adjutant of the Royal Body Guard.

. On the 10th, at Stinsford, Dorchester, Captain Fredenek.English, of her Majesty's Thirty-fifth Regineentao Ellen, thiadaughter, atilt) late lean-Admirel Sin Fran= Collier, C.B., K.C.11..

On. the 13th, at All Saints' Church, Kinglitabridge,the Rev. William:4=w White, of The Brae, Roxburghshire, and Incumbent of St. John's EpiscopaLChumh, Jedburgla to the Bon. Louise Madeline.Canapheil, eldest daughter of the Lord.Chief Tustice Campbell and Lady atratheden.

On.the-13th, at Manerdivy Church, Fembrokeshire„James John.Lloyd„ Eaq., late Royal. Fusiliers, secondt sorra/he late Thomas.Lloyd„Esq., of Bronwydd. Cardi, genshire to Susanna. Maria Anne, only. daughter of Saunders. Davies,. Esq.,. M.P. fen. Carniaethenshire.

On the 13th, at Cheltenham, Lie- ntenant.Colonel the Hon. St. Peacoat Bauman; , to Margaret Antoinette, fourth daughter of WHIM= Hopkins Aforthey, Esq. Onthe.18th, at the parirda-chumb, Faversham; by. the.Venerable the Archdeacon of Canterhury„assisted by the Rev. J. Stratton,,Poreentor of. the Cathedral, Canter. bury, William Westwood Chafy, Esq.,. only son of the late Rev. Dr. Chafy. Master of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, and Chaplain in Ordinary to her Majesty„ to Eleanor Constance, eldest daugliteeotthe Rev. Charles Collins, Vicar-of Faveram, and.granddaughter of the late- chard Creaghe„Esq., Castle Park, Tipperary.

On the 15th, at the Catholic. Chapel, Warwick Street, and afterwards at St. George's Church, Hanover Square, Louisa, eldest daughter of 51. W..Balfe, Esq., Bruton Street, to Maximilian Behrend, Esq., of Bantam. On the 16th, at St. George's, Hanover Square, by the Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, Charles Hutton; 1.1w., M.D., of Lowndes Street, Belgrave Square, eon of Wm. Hettoni,Esq., of Beethtun House, Westmoreland, to lieneurtta, second daughter of.Edward .1. Seymour. Esq., M.D.,,F.E.S. DEATHS.

On the 6th April, at =lend; Buckinghtunshire; Ann, Relict of the Rev. Thomas Hind„of Ardley Rectory„Oxfordithire: in her- 90111 year. On the 11th, at the Rectory, Lliorryllin, Montgomeryshire, the Rev. David Efughes; flir thirty-six years Rector of that parish; in his 66th year. On the 12th, in Harley Street, Madame Maria Lomas Dulcken, pianisbr to her Majesty; in her 38th year. On the 13th, at Kibworth Rectory,. Leicestershire, Lieutenant-General Sir /smelt Bathurst,.K.C.B. ; in his 68th year.

On the 15th, in Eaton Place, John Willoughby Michael Viscount' Colt; in his

6th. year.

On the 18th, in Baker Street, Madame Tessa-m:1'; in her Seth year.

On the 16th, at Mile-end, Miss Susan Sheppard ; in her 97th year., Lately, at Eversley,Hants,Sarah, Relict of the late RichardPresnott, Esq.; in hat 936 year.