20 APRIL 1850, Page 19


Results of the Reg,istne-Generars return of mortality in the Metropolis for the week ending on Satunlatielast : the first column of figures gives the m

aggregate.number of deaths corresponding weeks of the ten previous years.

Ten Weeks Week of 1839-49. of 1850. gymotle. Diseases. 1734. 167' . Dropsy, Cancer and other diseases of uncertain or variable seat 510 38 TubercularDiseiwes 1926 163 Diseases ofthe Brain, Spinal Marrow, Nerves, and senses. 1179 118 Diseases of the Heart and Blood-vessels 293 37

Diseases of the Lungs, and of the other Organs of Respiration .. — 1496 174 Diseases of the Stomach, Liver, and other Organs of Digestion 580 61 Diseases of the Kidneys, he 73 8

Childbirth, diseases of the Uteras,ac 88 7 lineumatism, diseases of the Bones, Joints, iic 74 8

Diseases of the Skin, Celltilar name, Sc 8 3

Malformations 23 2 Premature Birth 175 21 Atrophy 128 23

Age 535 48

Sudden 107 4 iflolence,Privation,.Oold, and Intemperance 20824 _ —

Total fineluding unspecified MDR* 9175 833 The mortality of last week was less than- that of the previous week by up wards of two hundred deatbs,.andless than the average of the ten correspowl lug weeks of 1840-9 by upwards of one hundred—previous week 1,124, average 1,001, last week 893. Epidemic. disease was exactly stationary ; diseases of the respiratory organs slightly more numerous ; phthisis unusually low- 1843 is the only year giving a week so low. At the Royal Observatory, Greenwich,_ the mean.height of the barometer lathe week was 29•425 in. The mean daily reading of the thermometer was highest onSiniday,, when it was 54-40, and lowest on Saturday, when it was 46-2'; the mean temperature of the week was 49-5', 5' higher than the average_ of. the same week in seven years. The mean temperature was throughout the week higher than the average, and on Sunday was higher by and on Monday by 8-5°. The direction of the wind for the week was vexutble.