20 APRIL 1850, Page 6

th't (Mt Tan Queen has driven- out in an open

carriage dailyi, and: wee: at the Opera. on Tuesday evening--evidently envying the humours- of Lablaohn in Den Pasquak. On Monday, La- Comtesee Rossi. attended, at Bucking- ham Palace and. sang for her Majesty's, gratification; M. Ecikard..accome panying on the pianoforte.

Loch John, and.Lady John Ruesell have been among the few guests at the lboyaLdinner-taifim The Dutthese of Kant has been: a visitor dirilY; either in the' morning or at the dinner circle; and the Dutehess of Gloucester went. to see her. Majesty on Virediresday.

On Friday, the Priimee Kamehameha: and Lilioliho, heire-presumptiYe to the throne of the Sandwich Mande monarehy; were presented to Prince Albert,. by Lord Palmerston.