20 AUGUST 1921, Page 24

Messrs. Edward Stanford have published a very useful map of

The Pacific Islands (4s. net), showing clearly the ownership of the different groups and the distribution of the mandates for the ex-German territories. The much-discussed islet of Yap, assigned to Japan, is shown in the western edge of the map, with the cables running from Yap eastward to the American isle of Guam and south-eastward to ex-German New Guinea. It is worth while to add that Guam is connected by cable with Japan, with the Philippines, and also, through Midway Island, with Hawaii and San Francisco, so that it is just as important a cable station as Yap. The scale of the map is not shown, but is about 300 miles to an inch. The islands are scattered over an immense area, and it would be difficult for, say, the New Zealand officials to visit each of their mandatory islands once a year.