20 AUGUST 1988, Page 23

George the second

Sir: Not only does The Spectator surface in Botswana, but the odd copy also arrives down here in West Wales, where great merriment was caused in the bar of Brown's Hotel by the suggestion (`Home, dear home', 6 August) that I had engaged in all kinds of property deals and now had a house worth £400,000.

It was the first I had heard of it because we mostly stopped reading The Sunday Telegraph when Peregrine Worsthorne be- came editor (pre-orgasmic Thatcherism doesn't go down too well in these parts), and so missed the cover story to which you refer.

You have the wrong George Tremlett. There really are two of us — and we have never met. I was a London politician for 25 years, did serve on the GLC . . . but have never engaged in property redevelopment, refurbishment or speculation of any kind, having always considered such activities unpleasant. Indeed, it was my distaste as a traditional Tory for these and other tenets of Thatcherism that led me to leave Lon- don, give up all my positions in public life, turn down the prospects of a Parliamentary career, and resume my career as a writer. George Tremlett Corran House, Laugharne, Carmarthen, Dyfed