20 AUGUST 1988, Page 24

Child abuse

Sir: With reference to your article by Tony Samstag (Throwaway children', 18 June) and the reference to 'the American Agen- cy, Defence for Children International', DCI is not an American agency; it is an international children's rights organisation which was started following the UN Year of the Child and has its headquarters in Geneva.

DCI-UK recently held a seminar on child abuse and would support Tony Sam- stag in highlighting the horrors of child pornography — one of the horrors being that it is very much on our own doorstep, as are many of the ills to which he refers. DCI- UK, despite limited resources is trying to interest the Government in the whole field of children's rights — and lack of them. Joan Lestor

Chair DCI-UK, Memorial Street, Taunton, Somerset