20 AUGUST 1988, Page 24

Litter bugging

Sir: I agree completely with Michael Trend's article 'The London litter bugs' (2 July), which contrasts the efficient litter collection and street cleaning service offered by Westminster City Council with the high cost and low quality service that Camden provides.

Part of the reason must be that Con- servative Westminster regards its commer- cial and residential ratepayers as consum- ers. Left-wing boroughs like Camden tend to look on them as class enemies, whose money should be used to fund whichever 'disadvantaged minority group' is the fla- vour of the month. The fact that keeping the streets clean is an essential function of a local authority, has escaped them.

Repairing the roads and keeping them free of potholes is another one that they have forgotten. Driving out of Westmins- ter in a northward direction, I can tell immediately when I have reached Brent or Camden by the marked deterioration in the road surface.

Stuart Greenman

19 Giles House, 158-160 Westbourne Grove, London W11