20 DECEMBER 1975, Page 4

A Christmas carol

While brokers watched their stocks each day, All standing in a ring, The PM's messenger came down The White Hall's news to bring.

"Fear not," said he (for mighty dread Had seized fheir troubled mind), "Your Stock Exchange will never get State help of any kind."

"To us in Linwood town this day Is born of US line, A Phoenix car, a babe all clothed In robes of sterling fine.

Ere this across the Scottish land Lay black redundancy; But low! the star-striped babe will now Compete with BMC."

Thus spake the herald; and forthwith Appeared a red-faced throng Of MPs shouting their PM Had done both right and wrong.

A cry broke out, "All glory be To Harold! Kneel and bow!

He's one of us, he has become A City Freeman now." Basil Charles