20 DECEMBER 1975, Page 4


From Group-Capt C. E. Williamson Jones (Retc1) Sir: Socialists say they are keen on equality by Whicil they should mean equal justice, equal opportung and equal liberty, but never equal pay. For ex amPle' surely an industrialist who builds up a bUsiness exporting £10,000,000 worth of goods out of which he, pays £5,000,000 in wages and is able to allow himseil an income of £50,000 a year is benefiting the community far more than, shall we say, a postmat'' and that therefore it is right that he should have a much larger income than the latter.

The Socialist's view is always the selfish one what can be taken out of the economy, instead what can be put in and how it is to be done. C. E. Williamson Jones Flint Cottage, Roundstone Lane, Angrnering