20 DECEMBER 1975, Page 4

Service redundancies

From Air Commodore P. B. Hine

Sir: Your criticism of RAF personnel Management in 'Spectator's Notebook' on October 25 is totally inaccurate. The facts are as follows.'

A Defence Council Instruction announcing the RAF's redundancy scheme was published concurrently with this year's Defence White Paper on March 19, i.e. the earliest possible date. It covered, inter alia, the overall number involved, the selection criteria and the appeal procedure. At the same time a signal was distributed throughout the Service defining the fields of redundancy.

Less than 20 per cent of the redundancies were compulsory and all but a very few of those affected were notified by mid-May, thus minimising the period of anxiety and uncertainty.

P. B. Hine, Director of Public Relations (RAF) Ministry of Defence, Whitehall, London SW1