20 DECEMBER 1975, Page 5

Cod war

Sir: Iceland, supported by overwhelming scientific evidence that her cod stocks face extinction without extended limits and essential low-catch allocations to all nations fishing with factory freezers within her ' waters, has taken the only action possible to avert this catastrophe. Scientists during the last 'Cod War' warned that "an inexcusable plundering is being carried out around Iceland, which must end in the total extinction of cod in those waters." Yet short-sighted, sentimental support for this inexcusable plundering continues and the British Government — by defying the scientists and truculently demanding fish too young to spawn — are surely destroying, not helping, the future of British fishermen. The scientific evidence which is the root cause of this ill-conceived naval escapade has been evaded and misrepresented by Press and media, ending in an unworthy war unparalleled in British naval history of relentlessly supporting the attack on waters of a defenceless friend to extract (without supervision) by force, the last under-sized cod, too young to spawn, from Iceland's waters. Surely the British housewife does nbt want cod at this inexcusable sacrifice.

I. G. Wallcott 4 Dowden Court, Christchurch, Dorset