20 DECEMBER 1975, Page 5


Sir: Your editorial arguing against capital punishment for terrorists missed what is surely an important


I refer to the virtual certainty that, nowadays, the jailing of a terrorist will be followed by further acts of violence to enforce his or her release from prison, which is not only deplorable in itself, but a great encourame to any budding terrorist. While being thankful that the courageous Dr Herrema, latest victim of such an outrage, escaped unharmed, this has not always been the innocent often far removed from the scene of the original episode and unconnected with the. original quarrel, have lost their lives so-that-obscene thugs may be let loose on the world to commit further crimes.

terrorists is not merely desirable, but vitally up with a better way of deterring secondary violence, necessary. At least, it is up to the abolitionists to come as it may be termed.

sort While this so of thing is going on, the execution of

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Canberra, Australia