20 JANUARY 1855, Page 13


.4bergwili, 16th January 1855. Sut—In your last number you remark—"From a letter by Bishop Thirl- wall in the Hereford Times, it seems that the report about his surplus re- venue' was a squib.' It would seem that the surplus which he intends to distribute is of a more shadowy nature—it may accrue in the next seven years ; but there may be a deficiency instead."

I beg to inform you, that, however naturally this might seem to be so, it is in fact not the case. Though the amount of the surplus which may accrue

in the course of the present septennial cycle, which dates from 1851, cannot be yet fully ascertained, a sum of 30001 has already been set apart to be ap- plied to the building of parsonage-houses in my diocese. Perhaps you will think it right to correct the impression which may have been made by your remark, by the insertion of this statement.