20 JANUARY 1855, Page 8

From Scutari, on the 8th instant, the Times correspondent sends

the following return, "showing the number of ships that arrived from the Army with sick and wounded, the number died on the passage, and the number of burials that have taken place at Scutari since the formation of the general dep6t." The bracketed remarks are the writer's commentary. "Number of ships arrived, 53; number of wounded and sick conveyed from the army originally embarked, 11,850 [about four-fifths of these were admitted into hospital]; number died on passage, 654 [this is about one- half of the number that actually died on the passage] ; number of burials at Scutari, 1949 [not including 29 English officers, 9 women, 8 children, 2 sailors, 11 Russian officers, and 36 Russian privates] ; total burials of all per- sons that died at Scutari, 2044."