20 JANUARY 1855, Page 8



The foreign intelligence this week has been unimportant, and the prices of the Public Funds have been confined within a moderate range. They have occasionally shown a disposition to advance, but this has been checked through a demand for money, caused chiefly by several heavy pay- ments; including 600,000/. on the East Indian Railway, 75,000/. on the Madras line, and a final call of 15 per cent on the last 1,000,000/. of Turkish Scrip. Some relief will now be afforded by the reimbursement of 10 per cent to the English subscribers to the new French Loan ; it having transpired on Tuesday, through advices from Paris, that the applications had amounted to about 80,000,0001.; and a notification has since been given by Messrs. Baring and Messrs. Rothschild for the information of subscribers on their lists, that the whole loan having been taken by the individual appli- cations in France for 500 francs Rentes and under, no division could be made to other parties ; who may receive back their deposit on and after the 18th instant on production of the receipt. The success of this loan caused a temporary improvement in our Funds of f per cent. Consols for Money have been 911 to 921, and they leave off today at 9la 11, and 91f / for the Account. Bank Stock is 1 better ; India Stock has fallen 2 per cent. Some interest has been felt for the publication, tomorrow, of the bullion return by the Bank of England ; when the effect of the payment of the divi- dends and remittances to Paris connected with the French Loan will be exhibited ; it being reported that upwards of 1,000,000/. was remitted to France last week, and it is expected will now rapidly return to this country. The rate of exchange at Paris already shows an improvement, and the French Funds have advanced this week about 2i per cent. The returns of the Bank of France, for the past month, show that the drain of bullion observable of late had continued. The present reduction is 1,300,0001., or a total diminu-

tion of 6,400,000/. within four months. Last summer the amount had reached 20,000,0001., but is now 14,500,0001.

Some further mercantile suspensions have been announced this week. The Corn-market has declined about 5e.

In Foreign Stocks, the improvement of last week has been maintained ; and Danish Three per Cents are 2, and Swedish 1 better. Spanish is rather worse. French Scrip has reached ist 6 premium, but is now 1 lower.

Railways on the average are much the same as they were last week, after having been a little higher. The transactions are likely to be limited until the Directors' reports are circulated ; the accounts of most companies being now under inspection by the auditors. The dividend declared at the London and Greenwich Railway meeting was 5s. 3d. per share ; the balance was. 11,566/. French Shares are from 11. to 21. better. SATURDAY. TWRINI o'Crocx.

The large reduction in the bullion, amounting to 1,128,270/., as shown in today's return by the Bank of England is quite st to expectation, but Console are / lower, being 911 a for Money and 911 for Account. Exchequer Bills 47. In Foreign Stocks there is nothing doing. Turkish Scrip is 761 I, and French 41 5. There is no change in Railways. Great Western are 6718i, London and North-Western 101f I, Midland 701, and Lancashire and York.- shire 751. SATURDAY, Two o'ciocir.

The English Funds leave off at the same quotations they were in the morn- ing, after being k lower ; Consols for Money are 911 a, and for Account 91a I. Exchequer Bills 4 7. Bank Stock has improved 1 per cent. In Foreign Stocks, the only change is in French Scrip, which is lower, at 4 i premium. Turkish has been done at 761 f i, and Equador at 4. Railways have been depressed, but have since rallied—Caledonian, 62k; Eastern Counties, 11; East Lancashire, 74; Great Northern A Stock, 75; Ditto B Stock, 125; Great Western, 67k; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 751; London and North-Western 104 ; London and South-Western, 84k; Man- chester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire, 25k; Midland, 70' Norfolk, 5041 ; North British, 311 ; North-Eastern—Berwick, 76k; Ditto Extension, 14 ; Ditto Leeds, 13; Ditto York, 54.1 ; Scottish Central, 97k; South-Eastern, 60;. Great Northern 5 per Cent, 15; North-Eastern—York H. and S. Purchase, 9i ; East Indian, 211 ; Ditto Extension, 7; Great Central of France, 11k; Great Western of Canada 16; Great Luxembourg Constituted Shares, 21; Sambre and Meuse, 71. dine—Santiago de Cuba, 41. Joint Stock Banks —London Chartered Bank of Australia, 211 ; London and Westminster,. 42'; Union of Australia, 66k; Union of London, 271. Miscellaneous—Crystal Palace, 2k; Peninsular and Oriental Steam, 54; Scottish Australasian In- vestment, 11.

3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 5 per Cent Reduced New 3 per Cents 911 1 911 3 913 I 92 3 Danish 3 per Cents Dutch 21 per Cents Ditto 4 per Cents Mexican 3 per Cents 80 3 61 2' 92 1 21 a Long Annuities 43

Peruvian 43 per Cents

70 2 Bank Stock 210 12 Ditto 3 per Cents 49 51 Exchequer Bills 4 7 Portuguese 4 per Cents 41 3 India Stock 223 5 Russian 5 per Cents 100 2 Austrian 5 per Cents 82 5 Ditto 41 per Cents 89 91 Brazilian 5 per Cents 98 100 Spanish 3 per Cents 373 8.

Belgian 41 per Cents 91 3 Ditto Deferred

181 lt

Chilian 6 per Cents 101 3 Sardinian 5 per Cents 84 6 Danish 5 per Cents 101 3 Swedish 4 per Cents


An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and 8th Victoria, cap. 39, far the week ending on Saturday, the 13th day of January 1865.


C25,880,560 Government Debt 111,018,110

Other Securities 2,984.900 Gold Coln and Bullion 11,880,560 Silver Bullion Notes Issued 125,880,560 425,880,560


Proprietors' Capital £14,553,000 Best 3,228,009 Public Deposits. 2,294,292 Other Deposits 10,842,702 Seven Day and otherBills 1,271,406 £32,189,409 £32,189,409 • Including Exchequer, Savings-Banks, CommisaionersofNational Debt, & Dividend Accts. Government Securities. (in- cludir g Dead Weight Annuity)111,731.42T Other Securities 14,035,96T Notes 6,763.466 Gold and Silver Coln 658,554