20 JANUARY 1961, Page 13

Sta,-1'm not surprised that Miss Quigly should be upset at

being confronted by the skeleton in her cupboard; but before she starts hollering about smears and insinuations, let me remind her where this correspondence began (and where, as far as I am concerned, it is going to end). It began by my taking umbrage at her saying that Captain Bernard Rogge of the Germany Navy, a man who was not only not a Nazi but whose religious beliefs brought him into conflict with the Nazis, was, in her own words, 'a Nazi captain who made his efficient con- tribution to keeping the gas chambers filled.' How's that for smears and insinuations? Miss Quigly's justification, as far as I can penetrate the confusion of her thought, is that any lousy mock-heroic war film entitles her to libel any former member of the German armed forces she cares to name. How any- one can write anything as irresponsible as this and then expect her claim to be distinguishing between Nazis and Germans to be taken seriously is beyond comprehension.

Mr. Sigal's knight-errantry is touching, but he has got into the act (to use his own felicitous expres- sion) so late as to have missed the opening scene altogether. If he will lay his hands on a copy of Miss Quigly's original notice, he will see that she says precisely and exactly what I quoted her as saying, i.e., that those who fought for Hitler couldn't be human beings.—Yours faithfully,

LUDOVIC KENNEDY Piers Place, Old A tnersham, Bucks