20 JANUARY 1961, Page 15


SIR,--After the arrest of Lumumba, it was thought that things would 'move towards stability from now on' in the Congo. This has proved a shameful illusion. While Lumumba's popularity is thus un- affected, reports of mass massacres, continuous fight- ing and unparalleled famine are most disturbing. It is all very well for people to wake up now and organise relief ('save the children') funds in order to help those Congolese victims of undisguised neo- colonialism and brinkmanship. Charity alone is not enough and any such help is but temporary anyway. As long as the West continues to show hostility to Lumumbaism, the Congolese and the whole of the entire African continent will not regard Western humanitarianism as genuine. The solution to the Congo problem lies in the abandonment of the present Western policy of governing the country through stooges.—Yours faithfully,

M. MAINZA CHONA Vice President and UK Representative United National Independence Party, Northern Rhodesia (London Committee), 200 Gower Street, NW 1