20 JUNE 1840, Page 19


IT luny interest the lovers of pictures to know that J mix LEwrs's fine picture of a Scene daring the Holy Week at Rome, which arrived too late for the Water-Colour Exhibition this year, will appear there next season ; and that it has been sold, under circumstances honourable to the liberality- of the purchaser, Mr. LEAF. Mr. LEWIS had put a price of only 300 guineas upon it ; but Mr. GurnTru, to whom it was consigned, feeling that this stun \YRS very much below its value, repre- sented the case to Mr. LEAF, W110 generously added another hundred. Such handsome conduct on the part of a London merchant, is worthy of imitation by some noble "patrons of art." The painter puts a labour- price on his work ; it is for the enlightened "patron" to add the fame- value, vben the artist does not reckon it in.