20 JUNE 1840, Page 19

Mr. Wvr.n, the geographer, of Charing Cross, is exhibiting a

set of maps and plans of the principal operations of the British Army in the Peninsular Campaigns, preparatory to their publication, principally as

illustrations of Colonel Guawoon's collection of the Duke of WEL- LINGTON'S Despatches. Though their interest is, of course, strongest to military men, the associations awakened by the twenty-fifth anniversary of Waterloo rendered our visit something more than one of mere curio- sity. While admiring the extreme elaboration and minute accuracy with which the surface of the country and the positions and movements of the troops are indicated, it was impossible not to be struck with the magnitude and extent of the operations, and the prodigious resources of skill and bravery developed on both sides during that seven years' war : nor was the share that these successes had in building up the solid fame of WELLINGTON to be overlooked.

These maps and plans are all from original surveys, the greater part made by Major Sir TI1031AS LIVINGSTON MercitELL, under the direction of the Quartermaster-General of the Army ; the positions of the troops having been laid down by Sir GEORGE MURRAY. The work originated with, and has been carried on by the publisher, at his sole risk and cost ; and on the success of his enterprise depends his remuneration. We wish it may be as ample as its merits.