20 JUNE 1840, Page 5

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THE Queen and Prince Albert, with their attendants, left Buckingham Palace on Monday afternoon, for Windsor Castle. As they passed through the different villages, the entire population— men, women, and children of all ranks—thinking of Oxford and his pistols, turned out to testify their loyal delight and wonder at the miraculous escape. At the entrance to the town of Windsor, the Mayor and Town-Council of Windsor and the Eton boys were drawn up to receive the Royal corti.ge.

On Tuesday, the Queen and Prince Albert honoured Ascot Races with their presence. In the evening, her Majesty entertained dinner- company, including the Dutchess of Kent, the Duke and Dutchess of Somerset, the Duke and Dutchess of Leinster, the Marchioness of Nor- manby, Lord and Lady Kin naird, and Lady Fanny Cowper ; who all arrived at the Castle that afternoon.

The Queen gave a grand banquet in St. George's Hall on Wednesday, to a ntunerous party of the nobility. In addition to the persons named above, there were present—Lord Melbourne, Lord Palmerston, Mr. William Cowper, M. Guisot, the Marquis and Marchioness of Douro, Lord Alfred Paget, and the Duke and Duteltess of Beaufort.

On Thursday, the party from the Castle, filling eleven carriages, went to see the race for the Cup on Ascot Heath ; which perhaps never before was so thronged with company of every degree. As on Tuesday, her Majesty was received with demonstrations of affectionate loyslty by her subjects. The Prime Minister was not so welcome—he encountered a storm of hisses and groans. Lord Palmerston could not boast of a much more flattering reception.

At Thursday evening's banquet, in St. George's Hall, covers were laid for eighty-six.

The Queen having performed the rites of hospitality right .royally at Windsor, returns this day to Buckingham Palace.