20 JUNE 1840, Page 5

On Monday evening, a meeting took place of all the

influential He- brews in Loudon at the Vestry-room of the new Synagogue in St. Helen's Place ; on which occasion, the various letters which have been received from Alexandria and Damascus, containing accounts of the horrid cruelties committed upon the unfortunate Hebrews at Damascus, were strictly examined ; and, after a long discussion, Sir Moses Monte- fibre, on the part of the English Hebrews, and Monsieur Cremieux, the celebrated counsellor at Paris, on the part of the French Hebrew persuasion, have agreed to depart in the early part of next week for Alexandria, to be present at the investigation to take place there in re- spect to the death of Father Thomas and his servant. Subscriptions were immediately opened to defray certain expenses', when the three brothers of the late Baron de Rothschild, who were present, subscribed 200/. each ; Sir Moses Montefiore loot., his lady hot)!., besides paying his own expenses for the journey to Alexandria ; Isaac Cohen IOU ; Mr. Lucas 100/. ; with numerous other subscriptions...Skim/ant.