20 JUNE 1840, Page 5

The Anti-Shivery Delegates continue to meet daily at the Free-

mason's Tavern. Statemems showing the condition of slaves in Ame- rica and the French and Spenieit Colonies have ham made by several delegates. Oa Wednesday, Mr. Buxton asked permission for lthnself and Dr. Lushingtoa to give explanations, on some future day, of his plan of eivilisiag Africa by IlteallS of the Niger Expedition. The proposition was not well received by the Delegates generally, and was withdrawn.

Mr. Turnbull proposed his plan for stopplag the Slave-trade ; which was referred to a Committee.

A petition against the deportation of Hill Coolies to the Sugar Colonies was brought forward by Mr. Scoble, and received many sig- nal Nearly five hundred Delegates now attend the meetings of the Con- vention ; whose proceedings are c eelucted with teraldty and decorum.

On 'Wednesday afternoon, an ugly accident occurred in the hall. One of the waiters, in passing along the cornice surromuli»g the gallery, fell into the body of the room, a height of about thirty feet. Fortu- nately for the waiter, the fall was broken by the shoulders of those beneath. Mr. Isaac Bass, of Brighton, was struck motionless on the floor ; and the venerable Mr. Reynolds, of Brisml, fainted. They were all three carried out, and promptly attended by Dr. If dgekinsou and other medical gentlemen Wilt) \vac syesent. After a short interval, the anxiety occasioned by the untoward accident was relieved by a com- munication from the medical gentlemen, that, as there had been no fracture of the bones, the coas,qesnces might not be serious.