20 JUNE 1840, Page 5

The purveyors of gossip for the daily papers have nearly

exhausted the " diabolical attempt to assassinate the Queen and Prince Albert," and only unimportant eddithms have beeit made to thus rumours of last Week. The pistols have been traced to it silo', in lila...I:friars Ito ; where they were bought by a youll Mall, answering to Oxford's description. A gumnaker in Parlialltellt Street sold to a young man, whom he believes to be Oxtbsd, some powder, pistitl-lanlIcts, and a bullet-mould. It is said that Oxfor t burst into a hearty Imeth ii hen he was told that :Or. Fox Mu tilt.' was in leeees,:ion or two bullets found near the spot where he tired. Os i' eel's I her per..' ste in d7..claring her sou's insanity; and it is said that Sir Pets,. Laurie, \stet lats visited the potboy in New- gate, has expressed a sh•tilee eenvieth n.

The following are the d. ei;ions ;ea whielt Oxford was committed

to take his trial for ii i outs, 'ii icy contain the only statements which can be called evid, I.e e iiaelu have yet been published.

eteesee s I" I • 'a , day of Jt11,e

'.. Pi,. of the Se.

! ,

.1■ It 11,1 , rah on.. oilier • it il. itrehiatii2e I' I' Iii, lit Illo,aa."1- oat b • 1 C.

p.•;• •:

the Itiglat ! • ••a 'a.•.

bearing "r ():,r,::•.1.

" I

ti,' said oaa • ■ • ' '5 b II ci I bate !well in

1■••.11 5. r at icuie. I was I h%.•. I "it: shttultilg • '.■■ 1511 liters of 1 ■1 I ,sa,v her iii1:r Her NIajesty


1.1 . No al•.. ii•ero lam (lie car- Th '''n,',' I Ihe 17.ar- • fl a stat it'uJIt 111.1:l

' I:"' hay° a

11.• 1 ." " "i‘tltl'tXt iltoaut 11111111.1.,1 : • t ',.•1. ab • ,aa .cit.aac••• uf the car-

. -• ab ut

six a.au•ibi. I -.I lit,! 1,1';,'.! Ito; .1.1,. 1.1 il I )1, .0 v. 'file pri.• Film' (Itsma"hil• ai 1 al ' :albs thi ice 111,- I appal,: of jij ou:kt. NVItt•li II,, '.,tiri-a,,,'''t.aut.ii•.•tr, lie to;i: • ; 110,1 •'• jilt Ilk iit,tl. aS • it ith T1; • ; top a,5 •• • I 01,VIVC(1 the a aelibe-:.t.e :ti;:: at her i■I .111,eit. Ile t1. 'rime lii I it ii illt• ;III ..1 I, a I iiat,. There i.a; a mmttmz

• •

;.,tweeh h.lek 41'..tht" C;ril.t:. a a. t ■••. I , .nA • pre:otter t11111 tilthead roil:111 4S if to sce if a'■% 1,0111I. 11,1111i hi the ,aule pusitiou as when he tired. I 1•• theo drew a 11511 ii. loll lit,,5 ral.o lois right lircast. 11111I 11.-11,i it 1111011 lit,' 1,14,11 ri..ht I a :11111 at her Ma- jesty, aria fired. The i7otliage liii thea about la,at iii flue.. The carriage drove on. I immediate:v crossed over to the pri,ou..r. t oh him Isy the coat, awl ;mother 111:111 took the pistols fr..in him. I !Ward hint •.aiy, 4. I ilia it ; it was Me." That wala ila coaseitticila, of a pur,,on wli . had taken the pht,..,-; limn him having been

laid hold of hy odstat.e, tte appeared lo hen :biog. hut rath,r excited

'tilt'., I ye-

side No. 191.1.

1.1tudi,ii it aitei-lt.• ;.■ •

„,,, ,,a,,„ ro: 11,,• a

an Ilion% T'. •l. 1 'a.,,. :

: 1, 'I .•i 1.10 " all.' PIC. •.. \Ilit • I.. • I• 11: I. I

,...111114 I; 1 1 111 1..1

11. t•I .1. :

ghoul. a 11.1' riF, 1 III i• Thc hall :iv lo treattiv 11:1,,S1.11

volt were not in advance of the carriage. You pulled the pistols tl•om sour breast. You took them from under your coat. The first pistol was in tin: right hand. The Prince was sitting on the right side. I was Imolai.: to arrest you.' SAMVET, PARICEs.. " Sworn 1.):1))re me. Norms:thy."

.• l'harles Lord Coichesicr, on oath, says—. I Was nn CallsMillion 11 iii yesterday esetling. shoat a yinter-ibast six. I obscrredl her Nbliesty's carriaae come out, aml followed it at a Vast pace. I was on horseback. After I proee,altal a shmt way I heard a report or lire-arms, and saw a smoke rising over the trees. I ler NIajesty's car- riage might have been at that time abottteighty or a !omitted yards front me. Italia mi- nute afterwards, ott hearing a second report, I 01E,C1 N'cd 11,ali standing hi tho alliWaV, between the carriage-way and the railing. Ile had his hack towards nte, and his right

hand raised ; mid tit.: smoke was issuirk.; from the w tbapoit, 11.• held apparently in his right band. I immediately it towards him, lad tor Ireaeiteil him several

persons on foot had surrounded hini. When I mit up, two persons \Now holding him by the collar. There was apistol ill his left liiiiil, nal ascet.u.1 mon the ••routal. did not hear him say ittly thing. 'fIte pet,un taken into eitstutly was abouCthe 1tei4111: of the prisoner, but I did nut see hi: f.,....•

" Examined bv the prisoner —• Tht• pet- on I saw standing with his back towards me

was about your licight. It appeoed to me that yort discharc,41, the Thu car- t Mgt., appeared to be in ad■auce of you about thirty yards when yen tired the second

pistol.' ' (;))....trEstrEit.. " " Joshua Weil' LoWNI says, ' I Inn IL speclach•-111,ther, liviug in Cop& 111 Cutitt. I

was on Constitutiett I liltestertlay evenitig. I lissial th • r-port of a pistol. I was at that time two hundred ymtls. br it titialit not be so nitteh, fr Iii th- gate %%Ilene... her NlajoSty aline out. ISAW 1 i.s. thsti a iyi \V \ ri.0111 lii ii:Iniage on the lett hand side QC the road, the side %Otero her ISlaa-si s..t. I Was Oil the side of

the carriage. Immediately :mei.bet I it ..r.tia 11 _to ems i,tge 11.1E1 gime Em. mid I saw the.

prisoner. Ile had a pistol in Ihe 1•141Nt lutiol. I saw hi., a; ■liop o Olt the pistol_ lie then turned round as It, ,c1.• !rally WaS hehirli, :11E1 ;Ida .u.ct.,1 big left hand with a pistol across the right. If.. Mod the seeolid 04,1 iti i d.reet1ol, towards the varri,ge. I saw the pistol pointed to :Ink the l!aLriittn in which livr )1n1esty rOi, and it was so pointed NO0,11 1112 tired it replisw, Albeit Lowe, WaS With lac• 1,0111 ran 3`,r0s8 the RAU “11,11,sid hold "..Piiew 1.1,1 h"Int 01. some (me said that's prisoner said " 1 to the Wan 1% Ii u lircil--it it as Ille•" I kept Itold or him o ith s,,.•ral others, I to LIIN• 111.1,11,1%, You loll }toter hulk round Albert, I.r.11-1-11,11-: he la, sonic Prisoner turned round and said, " You're right, I Isis t•," TIII• i'clia,, th,nt co, al.• up, and 11.• W IS taloni to

thc Stalio11.110ltSv. It was after Ii m Petit, Irtil t mitts' 11:1.111,011.• ii s. El tho expretEsiott," " Examined by tho prisontd—s I was on lite li.tt -hand -isle it the testi. Tito Queen

pus oil tl,e Ica 01 the earl Vat:v. W1lon tliv lirSt phlol 1,5 , .l WWI the CarriagNI. \Ilea tli ,•■• pist .1 1V:is hell tlmi va,1,,.:,!,■• waS 11,011 lime to eight yards above y,.at_ Ieslit h thi i,food at the t,!Etecti or the Pi nte,b.

.lostoss th N'E " Albert 1,OW11!--' I 111111 a nephew in' On. Iasi witness. l'N'ns with hi,. oil l'onsli1,11,41

II111 yesterday %biennia-. I sass 1 er ..‘1;1.esty awl Prioce ■hi'. .• op Coleo.t.ition I tsas mu, the wall side_ si.1 rat. bs the or the .,tria:e. I :ward tit, teport t.: .I looked .10,, ...ol saw the vuis,ner 1,14.I ui,. 1 tlwo its him far a second sbit. I Iii.1t hi. 1,1.t it is 11. 4 right letad. 'Hutt ii hielt

lie bad ,ittib discharged I ths etht wati ibi hi l. . I 111 it the sesouti pistol wits

'minted id lie carriage; I 11,1 all ,p i-IiiiiiL I seeio.,4 it. I rim avross lite read and

look both pistols front the tuisotier. Ile was taheit ime .t,,,iy. Seto, one toohs hold of me, stimosinA I was the peisott who Med, :idol 1 ••-aid Yoa conatunded rs:c at

sontelltd to Ilan II 1. Th.. pritsbias said. •• It wit: 1,- r " lt was Ise that dill bi'2' tbitc lb1 bb tli.• the Slat:emblem e. That was ono syl,i,11 1 . 01. . I hi i 11'd olio. I !Italic a hark on the t.t..,1.1. the otliPf Pi 001 I (IA mt miih, I■nt it i IlL it. Goitte• ithaig the rout, my unele told ine to lock t hit ret haps h.• hol is it', him, 'lite priset.er said." You're right ; I hat e." 't h • 1.1 i,I111121 %,,t, quite ai000.'


Cross•i\ ii imm 1 hy t!o: Frisoner —' 1 Was very near the door when the carriage value out I tho side td the carriage when the firt.t 1,1.401 Ivas tired. Ott the left•lanttl side cc Ca. earriage. I v iv; iii titv left side %Own no fired the svcond. I ..aw you lire it.' ' 1.0WE.' • " .16101 Oliphant iIirrr, on oath, slys, ' I ant brother of !sled 1:litstuk; was on Constitution Hill 1..,terday ming! II... teueen's earri:o.io ,o,t1 up. I was on loft 11;111d, and "lied El, and saldtcol ".%:ajebtv_ ;i1 km tile priscuer tired, lily horse rtstred. I inunt)(liat,ly t)...)•.1 to riao ovor hint to pa.)..).1. hisn' from tiring again. Befcre I could get my herse under control, Iii Irvl liii ml the second time. I saw Mtn draw dm second pistol oul • I hi.; breast with his right lubist and take &gibe- rs:a' situ at the Qtal and Prince Alla-rt. liii prisoner eth•red no roAistatice, and up. ilcstred quiet. 1 N'Ealllilled the Wail, and saw what ;Lppeared to me to be the mark eta ball. It appeartA to lie in the dir..e:ion ills :dm.'

" INanotted by the prisoner—. I was t u the lettbItand shit. or the mutt. I Was nearly opposite to yea v. hen ya ti tired first. Ycii were near I ii ',CO.., behind the carriage then. I was to you when von tired the last.' • Jct..: )1.1',:i1N-1' MURRAY.'"

" Jule: Widiant Bather ',Mb:, on mmmlii, say•s I ant :t dmabscr. pistu!s thuy shown to toe are Orole mit 1111111100C1111, Of it Very conliffill Then. is die Ifirminalis mm pt....A.111.'11i. 1 slootlil say they were nulde liv a illati El' the liana. els Smith,

Itus,11 tstt.tot, li.rniieglistn. They do not appear to Ii,' 1.6(.111 1 S110111.1 s:ty thsy int.' ml or lb ;10.1. They ate or 111.• c..itititontrst kind

• Examined by the plistator—, I etit't swear that they N.., )11, ; I think I can swear they were made id Birmingham. l'Iwy ilmm tobt wake small here.' dons; \V. P.

" William Phelps. on oath, I sat a baker, No. fl Vest Place, West Square.

1'. imner is tny Itrt timer-in law. I :lei lci.I m h. his SISIer• lie 11.16 lollowcti the ■!Voll- paI1011 or a hareem at publie•lumbse. The last dtuation he hail was at time Ihma•in the- t'oand, Oxfortbstreet. Ile hell it lit ocrsi:s weeks Ise II, has lodged in his mother's apartments. IE told my wilt: lodge titE•oe mmml, lie used to sloop ilk he front r. Inn lirst lloor• Ins box was in the r‘•0111. vas his loon! VcsIcrda:., 'cwo gentlemen lodged in the house. Pris, tier used Frequently to keep tile Isey ut tie' mem with him when be went ott. The liarileS °C lime two gentlemen are Westiop and Sallterlaint.'

' \V. "

" Satlinal 1111;I:es, lot oath, sa,Ns, I 1.clolig to the .'m, ilk isism 01 the Nielropolitan I an: to IL-Tet.t.r. I se..rched the prisoner's 10.1.4ings, No. I., It Place. WEbst Square, lambettl, abtatt mm littatter berme eight. 1 se: bridled the limst Hour nom. t. was opened bv the prisoner's sisier, When she calor, ill. 'ilk, olo,,r NN mm loclicit when sl, can't: ha, ana I ,TeLiet, II, I -.INV a lare box in the room. 'I ite prisoner's sister ssid she hod me tits. Isey. It was a paitited deal box, ahout two feet and a half long, about two 1e,1 deep, :ma a roe' and a han wide. The lakolliel,y. ;ml Icy request, procured nab a chisel aud hammer; I Incise open the box. I found in it a short sword

u I scabbard— this is tlmee ml WA. 1 .:1,1111 is it. I 11.111141 two

0. ,.:.■—these are them. I Maud a potsder flask—this is it ; b .110 — this iS it. There were four or lit I aso I hcs, aria they. I found a pcelset •Ia,ok ; it con- !Oiled four Ipapers Which I produce; 1 Marl:, d them. Ou tit> return to the station from nom the peisemr's residonee,1 sho,..,1 hint OA' box. Ile said, • Thal is mine.' I ean-

toned hint la•tlae km to say ans. thitt,; !night criminate Idol. ii,' sAW the hoE

." So far from being deprived of books, Oxford was most plentifully supliP with those suitable to his wretched situation ; and therefore he could not be at a loss for the means of occupying his time and attention. Mr. Pelham however, deemed it to be his duty to forward the letter to the Marquis of isT'


manby shortly after receiving it. On 'Wednesday forenoon, Mr. Pelham had, for the first time, an interview with his youthful client ; who appeared muck pleased at his calling, though it had been alleged that he had previously refused to accept any professional assistance. His manlier upon that occasion was not that of it pOrSOn placed in so serious a situation. On the contrary, he seemed per- fectly indifferent ; and upon being told of the extraordinary sensation his con- duct had produced, he laughed heartily at the fuss, as he called it, that had been made about it, and his becoming an object of curiosity. Ile said there was nothing at all in it; that he had been accustomed to fire pistols out of his nom in West Place, merely to frighten the old women ; and repeatedly as- serted that there were no bullets in the pistols when he tired them at the car- riage of her Majesty. When asked if it was his wish that his trial should be postponed to the next session, he replied not, and that the sooner it was over the better."