20 JUNE 1840, Page 8

A fire, which destroyed a large amount of property and

caused the death of two persons, broke out about five o'clock on Tuesday morning, on St. Andrew's Wharf, high Street, Wapping. Flames and smoke were first seen issuing front the wharf, by a man in the employment of Mr. Darke, a biscuit quaker, whose premises were burnt down. In about an hour the fire reached some barrels of whisky, lying on the wharf. Several of these barrels were rolled from the wharf to the opposite side of the way, and one of theta unfortunately burst. A burning rafter fell upon the stream of spirits, which became one sheet of flame, curling round the corners and up to the roofs of the houses. The rigging of a schooner, the Delight of Glasgow, with a valuable cargo, caught fire ; which soon reached the schooner Danehatten, and some boats. All the adjacent houses were in flames, and the conflagra- tion was dreadfully grand. Two females in their night-clothes were seen at the top of one of the houses: they screamed for help ; and were told to throw themselves into the street, where coats were held out to catch them ; but they were too much alarmed to follow the directions given from below. One of them got upon the parapet, staggered, and fell inwards ; but soon reappeared with the other ; and they reached the corner of the building., with the view of climbing upon the roof of the next house, which was higher. They clung to the brick-wall, and the fire was fast approaching them, when Mr. Robert Holliday, a block-maker, and Mr. Endersbee junior, a mathematical-instrument-maker, got on the roof of the next building, and pulled them upon it. They were servants of Mr. Rey- nolds, the owner of the wharf. Mr. Frederick Hanson, clerk and nephew of Mr. Reynolds, perished amidst the blazing ruins of his uncle's house. A seaman was also burnt to death. Three firemen were much injured, and a policeman so severely that his life is in danger. The lire was got under about half-past nine. Fourteen houses were burnt down, and property worth between 30,0001. and 10,000/. destroyed. Most of it was insured.