20 JUNE 1840, Page 8

Ascot Races commenced on Tuesday. The attendance was larger than

usual on the first day; but the only noticeable point in the running was, that Little Wonder, the winner of' the Derby at Epsom, was beaten easily by a mare or no reputation, Darkness by name. Wednesday was a dull day ; but the great race for the Cup was well contested. We give the officio/ account from the daily papers.

" Tics GoLo cue, by tUllikeriltilOOS Of fO sovereigns each. with 200 added; three yeats old, Gst. 11,1 Its. ; • tour, 8 4. 5lbs. ; Gst.; s,x,attd nil. 9.,t• 3111S; Wales aka geldings ifflowed Whs. About IWO 1111i, S mid a halr. (17 Soltsmibers.)

Mr. Peltit's St. Franels, Ly St. Patri,k, 5 years (ChitneY/ Doke of Conlon', Montreal, 4 ',ears 2 Mr. W. Rittslale's Illuma,Mury, 4 years 3

Mr. W. S. St tuley•s Flamitmoi. 4 years 4

Sir (1. Ileatheote's Valmit,s,into, aged 0 Mr. .1. Day's Calartm. 6 years 0 Mr. Thornhill's Euclid. 4 wars 0

Ilettlog—i) to 2 agst. St. Fran,. 0:11,11 fiettly) ; .0 2 agst. Illotansbury; 6 to 1 agst. 1.14ontretd (lrken); 6 to I agst. Futbia ; 8 I, I agst. Carat all; 9 to 1 agst. Flambeau; and 12 Ii t ag...r. vtottittbs,m,,. P,1c10.1coy, over-paltilo:. the ekey, ran away with the lead at a great vire, Mt.:areal l■ in g semmtl, iota Euclid tint, to the lint turn, Nriterlt Valmitissinto took his ittaett. They kept Otis order till near the hist tarn, when St. Francis, wit,, had hitherto bean in the rear, went to the Fr all ran behind Va.

letttissituu to the distance. Here he link the trail, defeated Illoomslair, up

it, and tutor :I. pretty race with 51milreal t14 it lea strides, trout Ith iris by a hall' a length. Dlotanstany was a good third, Flambeau fourth, and the Lbw., 1,eamn off. Euclid Was last."