20 JUNE 1840, Page 8


The Dublin newspapers are filled with extraordinary rhodomontade about the attack upon the Queen. We cull a very few samples; and begin with the Pilot.


" Yes, indeed, in Earnest to the rescue. There has been—we anticipated there would be as soon as her Majesty was announced enceinte—there has been a deliberate attempt to assassinate ihe Queen, and put Cumberland on the throne!"

" That this premeditated crime was not an isolated one—that it was part of a plot, for which it secret society had been formed to execute—appears mini- foot, from the papers found i ii a drawer, containing fictitious names, but eacb evidently the representative of some real person. The existence of such a society was admitted even by the prisoner, with all his taciturnity. The oninrus—the predominant, the actuating principle of that society—may be also expressively understood by tlte choice of names. Oxonian, Hannibal, Ernest, at once suggest the animus of the plot."


" Yes, Cumberlantlisto and Orangeism plotted to murder the Queen. The hand of God alone saved her to her people. Oh ! may that God long protect her life and preserve her people from the domination of Cumberlandisin anl the foul assassin Orange- Tory faction ! !!"

The Dublin Monitor is almost as absurd as the Pilot,- " It is a dreadful thought to harbour, that the diabolical attempt to aSSaS■ singe the Queen and Prince Albert originated in Hanover; but when we con- sider the above evidence—when we take into account the liberal and enlightened. principles avowed by her Majesty—but, above all, when we relied upon the character of him who sways the destinies of' Hanover, and who stands next in succession to the British throne—we do shudder to draw the self-evident con- clusiou warranted by the above evidence." " Front a quarter likely to be well informed, I learn that ,Ihrtitcr evidence has been obtained of a Secret Society, and that some vital disclosures have been made connecti;ig it with Honorer ! This is terrible ! But I have no rea- son to doubt its truth."—London Cwrcspondent.

Mr. O'Connell has addressed a letter " To the People of Ireland" commencing thus-

" London, 13th June 1840.

" Fellow Countrymen—England is disgraced by the commission of. one of the most enormous crimes that ever affrighted humanity : unsuccessful— blessed be God f—in its results, but not the lesS atrocious upon that account. The fitilure tuts providential ; the guilt is not diminished by the hand of God averting the designed blow. " Never did crime combine such circumstances of diabolical aggravation. If sin: had been in the Innublest walk of life, the crime would have been Satanic. The j.oung wife, enjoyieg the street and innocent delight of the conversation of her chosen and wedded love; shutting out the world and its concerns, and being all the world to each other. A communion of' all that life has of deli- cious happiness, presenthig a picture of' almost angelic enjoyment, wide!' angels indeed, img,ht look on with delight, and the heart of man venerate for its sacred


" Yen; if she had been the lou best born of all her own subjects, she ought to have been sacred and secure ; but in her youth, in her beauty, in her inno- cence, and in her love, slIE—the enthroned Monarch of it mighty nut toil— Yes ! at such a moment, and against such a person—shielded, one might even think, by the weakness of her sex—was the assassin's arm twice deliberately raised ; at mat was the murderous aim twice deliberately take'', and the weapons of death twice deliberately discharged; but, oh! Gracious Providence blessed be thy holy mune ! the deliverance, oh God, was thine ! " The it of diabolical men (for the criminal was 7I0i solitary) exhausted its malice, but exhausted it in vain. The deliverance was THINE !!

Even the Northern of Bolfast cannot refrain from harping upon Hanover- " Ill looking at the statements %%licit are now before the public, respecting this diabolical affair, we are bound to say, that they tell tremendously against that rabid portion of the Tories, whom we 'Mold fittingly denominate Llano-

verians.' " • • •

" All this would go to prove, that a treasonable association exists, under the fostering care of sonic individual or individuals in Hanover ; or, that a set of murderous miscreants in England, having taken a hint from some of the most violent of the English Tory orators, have conspired for a particular purpose, and, with Hanoverian objects in view, have adopted Hanoverian titles, and are in the habit of having frequent references to Hanover." On the other hand, the Dublin Evening Packet insinuates that the whole affair was a Whig plot

The.door of office was opening wide to let the Tories in, and to let' the base, bloody, and brutal Whigs' out, when the fiendish plot ripened into act— a plot that may serve Ministers for a time, but which could not have served the Tories in any shape or way."