20 JUNE 1840, Page 9

We are informed that a house at Trieste has been

obliged to suspend its payments, from the amount of which it has been defrauded by the band of forgers who have procured so much money in Italy and Ger- many by fain! bills. The last packet from Trieste brought lure a clerk from another house of that town in pursuit of one of the gang, who is believed to have come to Smyrna by the French packet Mentor on the 12th, and to have gone on the souse day to Constantinople.—Smyrna Journal, May 30.

The island of Madeira was visited on Saturday the 23d May by a dreadful storm from. the North east, svhich raged until the following evening. Strange to say, it was scarcely felt but on the south-east side is hat: the destruction to the vineyards is computed at from 5,000 to 0,000 pipes of wine. The shipping ia the harbour escaped without damage one United States schooner was driven to sea, but returned soon after it had abated.