20 JUNE 1840, Page 9

We have received a file of Le Maaricien, to the

11th of March. Almost the only theme of these newspimeere is the necessity of obtain- Mg a speedy supply of labour to save the colony front ruin. The emancipated Negroes are represented as infatuated sInggards, whom very It Wm wages will not tempt to earn enough to snpport their families. They lc' ye their children to perish by hundreds ii the hospitals ; and I it is not unusual to find adults lying dead on the road, not far from ilees where they had The principal inhabitants had este- ' Wished a society for ties imperkeion or labourers. One obstacle was the necessity Of reising a large sum of money, With which to commence operations ; but the private subscriptions had been very liberal, and it was hoped that the Government would make an advance. Colonel

Power, who was to act as Governor till Limmi Smith's arrival, had encouraeed the society in sonic degree, hut had r,•fusts1 to sanction one of their projeets—t he imprtation of labourers from Pondichi•ry.—Co/o- lila/ Gatcve.