20 MARCH 1880, Page 1

There was a sharp little debate in the Lords on

Monday, nominally about the Eastern Question, which was discussed by Lord Campbell and Stratheden, but really about Lord Beacons- field's manifesto. Lord Granville attributed the extraordinary English of that document to design, and asked why, if the Government had honestly meant this Session to be a Session of work, they had not dissolved in the Recess ? He rejoiced in the Dissolution, ridiculed the attempt to accuse the Liberals of coquetting with Home-rule or abandoning the Colonies, and asked where Government had maintained the peace they boasted of. "In Europe ? no. In Africa ? no. In Asia P no. They had not even maintained it in South America," though that was not their fault. Where was the ascendancy so much talked of ? With "the Turks, or their Slav or Greek subjects ?" "With France or Egypt, or with Vienna or Berlin P" as to which "the Foreign Secretary announced, with almost indecorous joy-, that an understanding had been come to between Germany and Austria, of the character of which he knew nothing." Much was said of the conduct of the Opposition, but the Oppo- sition was in a minority, and could not have restrained a strong Government. The Premier hinted in his mani- festo at a state of things which required him to defend the peace of Europe ; but the Leader of the Lower House knew nothing of it, for he stated in his address that we were nearly at the end of our troubles. It was bad enough to keep Parliament in the dark, but in this Government even the Cabinet was kept in the dark.