20 MARCH 1880, Page 2

The situation is not clearing in Afghanistan. All accounts agree

in describing Ifahmoud Jan as ready for a new attack on Cabal, and as supported by the Kohistanees, who last year fur- nished his best soldiers. At the same time, it 18 announced in a telegram to the Times that Abdurrahman Khan, accompanied by the Governor of Badakshan and "two Russian officers,' arrived early in March before Balkh, and was admitted by the British Governor, Gholam Ryder Khan. This officer demurred to receiving the Khan, but "his objections were overruled by AbduiTahman's troops." This means that Gholam Ryder Khan made no resistance, but pleads in his communications with Cabul' force majeure. If Malimoud Jan acknowledges Abdurrahmau,. the crisis of the war will have arrived, for the British must then either acknowledge Abdurrahmaa as Ameer, and make a treaty with him on the lines of the Treaty of Gundamuk, but without the Resident at Cabal, or fight the most serious of their three campaigns. We should be inclined to believe that Abdurrahman would treat, but even be could not receive a. Resident without instant loss of all influence in the country.