20 MARCH 1880, Page 2

Troubles thicken on the Russian Government. It appears to be

certain that the Government of Pekin has rejected the treaty for the sale of Kuldja, and has eitherexecuted its Plenipotentiary,. Chung How, for signing it, or has sentenced him to death. At the same time, its Generalissimo in the west is forbidding Rus- sians to enter China, and vigorously preparing for war. A war- with China is, therefore, quite probable, while the St. Peters-- burg Cabinet has quarrelled with that of France. M. de Frey- cinet, as we mentioned last week, finally refused to surrender- Hartmann, and Prince Orloff was peremptorily ordered to St Petersburg. Efforts have since been made to attenuate this order, by statements that Prince Orloff is out of favour, and will be immediately replaced; but it is clear that great irrita.-- tion exists at St. Petersburg, where General Chanzy finds his position almost untenable, and that the French Government considers itself very roughly treated, AU this does not look as if Russia were preparing a foreign war.