20 MARCH 1880, Page 23

What is an Index ? A Pew Notes on Indexes

and Indexers. By 'Henry B. Wheatley, F.S.A. (Published for the Index Society, by Longmans, Green, and Co.)—Mr. Wheatley gives a sketch of the history of indexing, and then communicates his ideas as to how an index should he made. He does not fail to enliven his subject by an occasional anecdote. Thus, a propos of misprints, we hear that "bide" (Jralasa), in Capgrave's Chronicle, has been misprinted

"lade." The index-maker followed suit, and entered "India 'conquered by Judas Maccabsaus and his brethren." There are some very amusing pages about the blunders of ignorant or careless corn- pliers. Dr. Bncilcland was described as the author of a treatise, "Sur lea Fonts et Chuassees." The ' Bridgewater Treatise" was intended. Sometimes the ingenuity of the printer finds its way into

publicity. An indexer wrote, "J. C. invaded Britain." "J. C." was 'expanded into "Jesus Christ." (The present writer once found "God's Book of Martyrs"--af which the compositor had never heard— metamorphosed into "Fox's Book of Martyrs," of which he probably bad). Finally, Mr. Wbeatley gives " A Preliminary List of English Indexes." No one more appreciates a good index than a reviewer, and we thank the author for his book, and wish himand his colleagues of the Index Society all success.