20 MARCH 1880, Page 25

NEW EDITIONS, ETC —We have received of new editiona, Half-Hon is

with Some English Antiquities, by Llewellynn Jewitt, F.S.A. (l)avid Bogue) ; Edna : a Tale of the Babylonish Captivity, by Juliau St. Clare (Charing Cross Publishing Company) ; Waste Not, Want Not, by Mrs. Sherwood (Religious Tract Society) ; also, The Double Wit- ness of the Church, by the Right Rev. William Ingraham Ross, D.D., Bishop of California (W. W. Gardner) ; Lore is of God, and other Sermons, by the Right Rev. W. B. Stevens, D.D., Bishop of Penn- sylvania (W. W. Gardner), two volumes which are not materially different from, and certainly not superior to, the sermons commonly preached on this side of the Atlantic. The former of the two is the more controversial.—A second edition, which is described as "revised and enlarged," of the Forum Romanurn et Magnum, by John Henry Parker, C.B. (James Parker and John Murray.) We reviewed this book at length some time ago, and need only commend it again to our readers as the standard authority on its subject.—We have also received a new and uniform edition, in nine volumes, of "The Gentle Life" Series. There are The Gentle Life (2 vols.), Half-Length Por- traits, Essays on English Writers, The Silent Hour, About in the World, Essays by Montaigne, and A Man's Thoughts. For neatness of appearance, the edition is worthy of all praise, and the books themselves have had a success which makes it unnece3sary to criticise them.—We have to acknowledge the second volume of House and Home, a Journal for All Classes (Office, 395 Strand) ; and the first of Life and Work, a Parish Magazine, published under the supervision of a Committee of the General Assembly of the Church of Scot- land. (D. Douglas.)—The Veil Removed : a Few Plain Essays, by James Copner, M.A. (Remington) ; God's "Ten Words," a Course of Lectures on the Decalogue, by the Rev. Walter Senior, BA. (Richard B. Dickinson) ; The Amens of Christ, by George Bowen (David Douglas, Edinburgh) ; Studies in Life, by 11. Sinclair Paterson, M.D. (Hodder and Stoughton) ; The Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England, by the Rev. Joseph Miller, B.D., Vol. II., Part 1, Article 6. (Hodder and Stoughton) The Person of Christ, the Perfection of His Humanity, Viewed as a Proof of His Divinity, by Philip Schalf, D.D. (Nisbet) ; Homilies on Christian Work, by Charles Stanford, D.D. (Hodder and Stoughton); Handbook of the Church of Scotland, by James Rankin, D.D. (Blackwood and Sons) ; Epaio, or a Series of Brief Essays upon the Unscriptural Character of the Division of Man's Nature into Soul and Body, by Richard Foulkes Griffiths (Elliot Stock) ; The Fisherman and his Net ; a Record of Missionary Work among the Navvies on the Coast of the British Channel, edited by Robert Arthur Kinglake (W. W. Gardner) ; Lessons on Early Church History, by the Author of "the Spanish Brothers" (Church of England Sunday-School Institute); The Jewish Prophets from the Babylonian Captivity till the Close of the Old Testament Canon (S.P.C.K.) ; Bethlehem to Olivet: a Course of Sermons on the Life of Jesus (Church of England Sunday-School Institute) ; The Book of Job, translated from the Hebrew by J. M. Rodwell, M.A. (Williams and Norgate) ; A New Handbook of Anthems for Public Worship (Hod- der and Stoughton) ; The Hymnal Companion to the Book of Common Prayer, "A revised and enlarged edition" (Sampson Low and Co.) ; The Congrqational College Calendar, 1880 (Hodder and Stoughton) ; T. Macci Plauti Coptivei, with Introduction, Critical Apparatus, &c., edited by Edward A. Sonnenschein (W. Swan Sonnenschein) ; Anthologia Latina : Passages from the Latin Poets, selected and arranged, with Notes, by the Rev. Francis St. John Thackeray, MA. (Bell and Sens), a "third edition, revised and enlarged ;" The Approaching End of the Age, by H. Gratton Guineas (Hodder and Stoughton) ; Predestination and Freewill Reconciled, by John Forbes, D.D. (T. and T. Clark) ; The Gospel for the Nineteenth Century (pub- lished for the author by Cassell and Co.) ; Wise, Witty, and Tender Sayings, in Prose and Verse, selected from the works of George Eliot by Alexander Main (Blackwood), a new edition, comprising all the writer's latest works ; The Afghan Knife, by Robert Armitage Stern- dale (Sampson Low and Co.)—Mr. F. 0. Morris, B.A., republishes in a volume the various interesting "Letters to the Times about Birds," which must have attracted the attention of some of our readers when they first appeared.—The New Coinage, by Henry Graham (Civil Service Publishing Co.), a book of aphorisms; The Educational Code of the Prussian Nation (C. Kegan Paul) ; Appren- ticeship Schools in France, by Silvanus P. Thompson (Hamilton, Adams, and Co.) ; A Compendium of the Philosophy of Ancient History, by the Rev. H. Formby (Barns and Oates) ; Personality in Meta- physics and Positive Philosophy (Blackwood and Sons); The Philosophy of Music, by William Cole, F.R.S. (Triibner and Co.)