20 MAY 1882, Page 1

The European situation in Egypt is not yet clear. The

French and English Governments have despatched six ironclads to Alex- andria, and it is understood that on their arrival the Consuls- General will formulate certain demands ; but the nature of these is not known. It is believed, however, apparently in all quar- ters, that they will include the dismissal of Arabi, a reduction of the Egyptian Army, and the introduction of a force of Turks to act under the orders of the two Controllers. We trust, if Arabi submits, there will be no occasion for the latter expedient. Turkish troops will obey the Sultan, and the Sultan, once in Egypt, will not go out again without the application of pressure at least as dangerous as the recent movement in Egypt can be. We presume Lord Granville thinks the employment of Turks the least objectionable of the courses open to the Western Powers, but he is running a great risk, and we suspect underrates the nerve of the Sultan. Abdul Hamid may declare that as his troops have been summoned to Egypt, the agreement of 1840 has on that point ceased to exist, and refuse to withdraw them, except under the pressure of actual force. Are the Powers ready to send the Fleet to Smyrna F