20 MAY 1882, Page 2

On Monday, Mr. Gladstone explained the nature of the Irish

Arrears Measure proposed by the Government. It follows mainly the lines of the measure recently introduced by Mr. Red- mond, and more or less approved at the time, under certain re- serves, by the Prime Minister. The measure is to apply only to holdings under £30 a year of Griffiths' valuation. It applies also only to those holdings whose tenants can produce a receipt for the rent between November, 1880, and November, 1881, and who can produce proof of their inability to pay the full arrears before the Court of the Sub-Commissioners or the County Court. In the case of such tenants as these, the State will pay to the landlord a sum not exceeding the half of the arrears (accruing before November, 1880) left unpaid, and also not ex- ceeding one whole year's rent, and, on this payment, will cancel absolutely all other arrears. The application to the Court to impose this arrangement may be made by either landlord or tenant before June 30th, 1883. Mr. Gladstone believes that the sum required by the State for this purpose cannot exceed two millions sterling. For this he proposes to apply, first, to the unexpended balance of the Church surplus, so far as it will go, and he believes that it will supply at least a million and a half. The remaining half-million, if it be needed, the State must supply out of its own exchequer.