20 MAY 1882, Page 3

The new Irish Cardinal, Dr. McCabe, is evidently determined to

make a strong stand against outrages. On landing at Dublin, he told a deputation who came to congratulate him that his " heart was oppressed with grief and shame ;" that " black " as agrarian crimes were, these could be traced back to the feeling of vengeance ; but that the victims of the recent assassinations had wronged no man, and their murder was intended to overawe all authority. He called on all Catholics to aid in detecting the assassins, and asked his audience to reflect whether "the terms of opprobrium often applied to the men in whose bands authority is placed, are not well calculated to weaken the rever- ence due to authority itself," which is derived from God. Words of this kind may fall unheeded for the present, but if they only detach the Catholic women of Ireland from the secret societies, they will have accomplished something. After all, justice has had its effect upon the higher Catholic clergy of Ireland.