20 NOVEMBER 1926, Page 1

President Coolidge in a speech delivered on Thursday, 'November 11th,

extinguished all hope that the United States will. adhere to the World Court. We must now reconcile ourselves to the curious situation that the country .which in effect created the Court alone among the Great Powers refuses to have anything to do with it. It cannot honestly be pretended, however, that Europe could have done more to smooth away American misgivings. It will. be remembered that the United States made five reservations, and demanded that they should all be accepted. It was easy and right to accept four of the five Conditions, namely, that adherence to the Court should not involve any obligations to the League, that the United States should have an equal voice with others in the eleCtion of judges, that Congress must determine the share of American expenses, and that the Statute of the Court should not be amended without American consent. The fifth reservation, however, was the crux.