20 NOVEMBER 1926, Page 14

At the Leicester Galleries are two shows of unusual interest.

It is a rare thing to find pictures achieving so harmonious a decoration for a room as in Mr. Edward Wadsworth's exhibi- tion. Mediterranean harbours and shipping are treated as the subject-matter for ingenious designs and arabesques without losing the character of their intricate detail. Schemes of pure and delicate colour are handled in tempera with unfailing technical excellence.

Mr. Guevara's pictures of Chile show a more turbulent tem- perament. He is an adventurous colourist who can bring vivid yellows, reds, crimson, green and blue into a rich, shim- mering unity. If his landscapes tend to vigorous illustration.

a portrait of a boy and some interiors with figures have both design and character. A Quitenian Crucifix placed against white, blue and gold draperies in a fine composition has a hard, fierce intensity which is remarkable, and no doubt characterized by Spanish racial influences.