20 NOVEMBER 1926, Page 39

Two pamphlets on oversea subjects have our cordial endation. Canada

(British Empire Educational Press, , 180 Mansion House Chambers, E.C. fid.) is the first 'a series of historical biographies for the use of schools.

e idea is an excellent one and sponsored by Lord Apsley. e frontispiece is just the right thing for boys—a " Mountie " a fine black charger, superbly prancing. Lord Strathcona's the first biography : we could have wished the marvellous ry of the Canadian Pacific had been more fully told ; never, the stories are all well written. We wish every y in England would read this book, and that every rent would read Our Heritage—the Empire (The Salvation y), wherein General Bramwell Booth writes : " Folly ches a kind of zenith in the failure to bring together the gry, idle, homeless people and the verdant lands-waiting their labour."