20 NOVEMBER 1926, Page 49


In the ease of Coal, Iron and Steel Shares the rise has, of course, been entirely the result, of- the prospects of the re- sumption of the coal output. Home Rails, too, have rallied'a little, but the movement" has been small, as it is recognized that, even apart from the coal situation, the position of the Railroads Industry is fai. from .satisfactory._ In the first place, Railway employees are working in many instances on the basis of an uneconomic wage, and in the second place not a few are of the opinion that; just as in industry, our leading industrialists are failing to recognize the need for mass pro- duction ; so, in the case of our railways, passenger traffic is being driven on to the road either by high fares or by the Railroad managements giving neither the comfort nor the facilities to which the public was accustomed previous to the War.