20 SEPTEMBER 1940, Page 14


Sm,—Herewith some suggestions for the consideration of the Authorities on the subject of awards and decorations, which I believe would meet the definite and urgent wishes of the people at the moment.

I. The " Overseas Medal "—a medal issued to all men and women who have served overseas in and with the Forces during the years 1939 and 1940, corresponding to the 1914-1915 medal—the " 0.S.M."

'2. The " Mentioned in Despatches Medal "—a medal issued to all members of the Forces, including the Home Defence Services, to men and women who are mentioned in despatches or who are commended for exceptional services—the " M.D.M."

3. The "Queen Elizabeth Cross "—for the Home Defence Services other than the Army, Navy and Air Force, but including the Mercan- tile Marine, for both men and women. The " Queen Elizabeth Cross would correspond in " value " with the Victoria Cross, i.e., as the

Victoria Cross of the Civil Defence Services the " Q.E.C."

4. The "Queen Elizabeth Medal "—a medal available for all Home Defence Services, including the Mercantile Marine, for gallantry in the face of danger, only less in " value " than the " Queen Elizabeth Cross " the " Q.E.M."

5. The "Distinguished Defence Cross" and the "Distinguished Defence Medal"—two decorations available for the Home Defence organisation and for the Mercantile Marine, for distinguished service generally in connexion with the Defence organisation—the "D.D.C." and the " D.D.M."

The " Queen Elizabeth Cross," the " Queen Elizabeth Medal," the " Distinguished Defence Cross " and the "Distinguished Defence Medal" would be available for all' members of the Home Defence Services (and the Mercantile Marine), irrespective of rank, and could be awarded to any man or woman entitled to wear uniform under any nationally approved organisation helping in the defences or essential services of the country. This would include railwaymen, for example, postmen, &c., in addition to the A.R.P. Services, Police, Fire Services,

P.S.—As an alternative to the " Distinguished Defence Cross," this might be called the " United Kingdom Cross " or the " United Kingdom Medal," known as the " U.K.C." or the " U.K.M."

Bishop Oak, Wolsingham, Co. Durham.